hey what’s up you guys i’m brie welcome to or back to my channel if you’re new welcome i hope you stick around and if you’re returning thank you i love you and i hope you enjoy enjoy and i hope you enjoyed today’s video so over on my instagram i received quite a lot of questions in my dms and a lot of those questions is how did i lose 20 kilos and then related to that is how they can ensure weight loss without counting calories because i know for a lot of people this might just not fit into their daily lifestyle it might be too confusing and tedious and it also could be triggering to unhealthy eating behavior and an unhealthy relationship with food which of course i would never want you guys to go through so i am here today to share with you how you can guarantee weight loss results and live a healthy lifestyle and see those results without having to strictly and religiously track every single thing that you eat throughout the day and i just wanted to say first of all that i understand on my channel i talk a lot about weight loss and how you can guarantee results and low calorie meals to help you stay in a calorie deficit and talk about how i lost 20 kilos and everything like that but i just want to preface this by saying that i understand that weight loss isn’t everyone’s goal nor should it be but i receive a lot of questions about weight loss and especially how you can lose weight without counting calories because it can be triggering and obsessive for some people and i just want to be here to share the healthy way to reach your goals whether it’s weight loss weight maintenance weight gain becoming happy and confident in your skin living a healthy lifestyle increasing your fitness whatever your goals are i’m here to help you reach those in a healthy way and not only have a healthy body but a healthy mind as well so yeah i just really wanted to say that so yeah i really hope that i can just be a little online hub for you to come to when you’re looking for motivation and tips to reach your health and happiness goals so first of all what i would like to do is cover the basics so just how the human body works and how it burns fat and how it uses energy so everything that you eat has a calorie count and that is the energy molecules within the food and that’s then released to your body once you eat it so when you eat more calories than your body burns in a day this is called a caloric surplus and this causes you to gain weight so your body stores that extra energy extra calories or extra food in your body as an energy reserve for later when it might need it so when you eat around about the same amount of food or calories that your body burns in a day your weight will maintain and that’s because you’re giving it exactly the amount of energy that it needs and so as you may have already worked out in the back of your head listening to this that means that when you eat less calories than your body burns your body is then forced to burn the fat that you already have on your body and use that as its energy source and this is called being in a calorie deficit and this equals weight loss so the reason that someone might count their calories and track their food intake is to stay within their calorie deficit more accurately because they know exactly the amount of food that they’re eating and they can guarantee that they’re not overeating or under eating and just a little segue because i did mention under eating yes this is a real thing and it can be counterproductive to the goals that you’re trying to reach eating as little as possible is not the goal our bodies are amazing so one if you’re under eating you’re going to be miserable two it’s not sustainable so you’re not going to be able to keep this up and reach the weight loss goals that you actually want to reach and be able to maintain that for the rest of your life and three you will probably experience metabolic adaptation where your metabolism slows down in order to survive and function on the small amount of fuel that you are giving your body which as you can imagine is actually the opposite of what you want to do so how on earth are you supposed to make sure that you’re giving your body enough fuel and energy to function while also making sure that you are eating in a calorie deficit and eating less than your body burns without counting calories and tracking your food intake that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in today’s video fill your meals with plenty of lower calorie high protein filling foods such as yogurt chicken popcorn vegetables fruits and so on i do have some really great suggestions food swaps and options that you can find in my other videos i’ve got a bunch of them on my channel and they will help you out a lot they helped me out quite a lot as well so these are foods that will help you to stay full and have a larger volume of food for lower calories without you even realizing it so what eating lower calorie high protein and high volume meals allows you to do is eat a larger volume of food eat more frequently throughout the day and stay fuller for longer so for example two slices of pizza has around about 800 calories whereas you could have vegetables and chicken for dinner and then have a dessert as well of yogurt and fruit and then finish it off with a 40 gram bag of popcorn and that has about 800 calories in it as well so both of those options have 800 calories on one end of things it’s two slices of pizza another end of things is an entire meal and two snacks so which of those is going to help you feel fuller for longer and help you feel more satisfied so for me personally it was the latter so i prefer to have the one meal and two snacks full of protein lots of nutrients health benefits and it’s lower calorie and high protein so it helps me to stay feeling satiated for a longer amount of time rather than the two slices of pizza but in saying that if you really just feel like pizza i’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all and that’s not going to cause you to gain weight but it just means that you’re eating a smaller volume of food so i think just knowing that understanding the nutritional value within foods is really valuable because if you do feel like pizza that means it’s totally fine for you to have pizza but you’re probably more likely to want to stick to two or three slices rather than eating the entire thing if you want to continue to eat a normal amount of food throughout the day otherwise it could be pretty miserable living on a couple of slices of pizza to stay within your calorie goal opting for a healthier lower calorie alternative of your favorite foods or whatever it is you feel like eating can be really helpful to cut calories without you even realizing it or needing to track away what you’re eating so these might be little simple swaps like instead of eating chips have some salty popcorn instead of having a coke have a coke zero or instead of having a full fat cream have a light cream as i’ve mentioned if you’re looking for a healthy or low calorie food swap you can find plenty on my channel but in saying that if none of the alternatives hit the spot that’s not saying that you can’t have the original thing you feel like eating you definitely can just be mindful and have it in moderation another great tip is increasing your energy output otherwise known as doing some exercise or physical activity throughout the day so it might be a walk it could just be doing a little dance workout from a youtube video whatever way you would like to enjoy exercise and get your body moving this can be the difference between burning an extra 100 to 400 to 600 calories in a day for me something that i found really easy to start incorporating into my everyday lifestyle was going for a morning walk because it’s low intensity and you can also do other things while you’re on the walk you can call a friend and have a chat you can catch up on emails you can just enjoy the outdoors it’s a really great way of burning calories passively without doing a lot of damage to your joints so it’s really great for your fitness as well some of you may not know this but muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does which means the more muscle you have on your body the faster your metabolism will be so if you start to incorporate some strength training whether it’s body weight exercises or lifting weights at the gym whatever it is this is going to be beneficial for you because you’re going to help your body to maintain the muscle you have on your body and therefore burn fat instead of muscle so eating high protein meals and strength training is also a really great tip for losing weight without counting calories all of the little movements really add up so if you opt for taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work or if you start walking around and pacing while you’re on the phone to someone instead of sitting down at the desk that also increases your energy output so therefore you are burning more calories throughout the day without you even realizing it all of those are really great ways to increase your energy output in a more passive and unintentional way something else that really helped me was if i knew i was eating out or having a larger meal for dinner or lunch i would be mindful and factor that into the rest of my days and therefore that decreases the risk of me overeating and exceeding my calorie goal over the entirety of the day and it’s really really important for me to say that i am definitely not advising you to starve yourself throughout the day or not eat leading up to a big meal in order to earn that big meal that is neither healthy nor is it sustainable or is it necessary to see results you deserve to eat and your body needs fuel in order to get through the day and give it the energy that it needs but in saying that balancing your day and being mindful of the amount that you’re eating throughout the day in order to leave some extra wiggle room for dinner at night can be the difference between staying in a calorie deficit and not so that might help you along the way although as i have mentioned in my previous videos please know that one day of overeating even if you did manage to overeat on one day that is not going to cause you to gain weight it won’t even cause your weight loss to plateau because you’re still going to be in a calorie deficit for the remainder of the week and on to the next tip and this is one that i truly swear by and i do it every day and i did throughout my weight loss journey as well because it’s helped me create a much healthier relationship with food and that is have at least at least one thing that you crave every single day this will help to satisfy those cravings it’ll help you to stay away from temptation and over indulging so while it might sound counterproductive from everything that diet culture has instilled in us growing up eating something that you feel like eating and having a treat every single day is not going to cause you to gain weight it’s actually going to make your weight loss journey more sustainable more enjoyable and it will help improve your relationship with food along the way another great tip is being mindful of your liquid calories that you’re consuming so sugary beverages or having five cups of coffee every single day maybe something that might help is cutting those coffees down to two a day and using skim milk or a light milk option instead and don’t be afraid to have water if you need to remind yourself to have water in your own way that’s probably a really good idea because staying hydrated is super important okay another really great tip is if you are strapped for time maybe you’ve got a busy family life or you’re still studying at school or you’re away at college or whatever it is in your life that causes you to be on the go the best thing you can do is make life easier for yourself so meal prepping could be very beneficial to you so that when you are on the go you can opt for a healthy pre-made meal rather than grabbing a bag of chips or whatever seems easiest at the time so make whatever meals you have to every week at the start of the week and if you are like me and you get bored very easily you probably don’t want to be eating the same meals every single day so switch it up have an alternating pattern of meals that you can have so monday wednesday friday could be the same meals and then tuesday thursday saturday could be something else and then sunday when you’re meal prepping you can just take a little peek of everything on the go that way it’s not repetitive or boring again i’m not saying that meal prepping works for everyone it’s not crucial for weight loss but for those of you who would benefit from this because you’re on the go i definitely think this is something that you should invest your time in okay this is my last tip for today’s video and it’s kind of tricky to talk about because i don’t want you to believe that this is what causes weight loss because it doesn’t but it can help you cut calories without even realizing and what i’m talking about is fasting so if this is something that you would be interested in doing intermittent fasting can be beneficial to cut calories without you realizing but i am not talking about starving your body for an entire day or an entire week i am simply talking about having your first meal at around 11am or whatever works for you therefore your eating window is smaller and you’re cutting out the calories that you would have had for breakfast or you’re cutting out the calories that you usually would have had for dessert you choose your eating window but yeah i would make sure that you’re still eating enough to give yourself the energy you need to get throughout the day but for some fasting can be exactly what you need to cut those calories and put yourself in a calorie deficit while still eating the same amount of food that you would throughout the day except for one meal so this is not something that i like to do personally because i don’t like to put restrictions around the times that i can or can’t eat and i prefer to opt for lower calorie healthier alternatives instead that’s just what works for me because i like to have a larger volume i like to eat more frequently throughout the day i get hungry in the mornings so i like to have my breakfast i really look forward to it but i know that for some people this could be very beneficial so i am not saying i’m against it whatsoever but please understand how fasting works you do not lose weight because you haven’t eaten for a certain amount of time while fasting you lose weight while fasting because it is cutting out calories and therefore putting you in a calorie deficit so if you feel like you can do this in a healthy way and still eat enough food then by all means go for it but that’s personally not something that i do but i understand how it can work but yeah i really hope you guys found some value and took something away from today’s video and if you have any other suggestions for me

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